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Our Mission

Functions as the primary strategic business leader of the property with responsibility for all aspects of the operation, including: managing general property performance, managing and sustaining sales and marketing strategy, managing profitability, managing revenue generation, and delivering a return on investment to both Promoters and operator.
To execute and manage a group of Hotels, ensuring the highest levels of quality and service to guests, while providing an ever increasing profitability, facilitating growth and development of both.


We hereby take this opportunity 10 introduce ourselves as Prime consultants for Hotels & Resorts with a rich experience of 23 years. We focus on a broad spectrum of markets from Ethnic Resorts to Deluxe, Boutique, or Business hotels.

We are a Hotel Management & Project Consulting Company specializing in the Planning and Set up of Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Spa, Clubs, Lodging, and Franchising Hotel Brands We take care of day-to-day operations as well as taking the project from the inception phase and bring it to operational. We manage & operate them for global clients.

We are the proud winner of the Best Entrepreneur award From Honorable Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee

Why Le Madhulika Hospitalities only?

The prospective benefits of outsourcing management are well recognized. Organizations go for outsourcing to save training costs, gain access to practical and technical proficiency, concentrate on core competencies and offer an overall enhanced market coverage rising graph of revenue with better profits. Also, outsourcing allows companies to deliver best training to their employees and get the clients the best of their abilities and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The key to increase in customer turnover is customer satisfaction. With rapid globalization, increase in competition, technological innovation, increase in access to information, and improve in customer services, the customer loyalty programs have become an integral part of the organizations. Retaining existing customers is now much more important than acquiring new customers.

Outsourcing is a competent tool that ensures and offers convincing return on investment (ROI). Outsourcing subtracts the risk in setting up a complicated function that is not a core competency. If outsourced to competitive and right consultancy then the cost savings could be as high as 50%.
In addition to that, outsourcing leads to customer retention, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and greater efficiencies on the part of employees.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

  • Managing Property Operations and Department Budgets
  • Managing and Sustaining Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Managing Profitability & Reducing Costs
  • Maintaining Revenue Management Goals
  • Managing Relationships with Property Stakeholders
  • Managing and Conducting Human Resource activities